I Buy Penny Stocks

I Buy Penny Stocks?

Hey, Penny stocks have enormous potential. These possible rewards are huge. At times in the market, penny stocks can be the best performers. Not everyone loves penny stocks but I do. The ability to risk a little money and gain a lot is the reason traders buy penny stocks.

The SEC has talked about penny stocks and here’s what they had to say: “Investors in penny stocks should be prepared for the possibility that they may lose their whole investment.” When you read the rest of the SEC’s thoughts on penny stocks, basically they state if you buy penny stocks you will lose money.

Why do I buy penny stocks, why do I love them? Penny stocks are filled with pushes and pumps, mafia, and news how can you not find that fun! Learn to not buy late, know what’s going to run or be pumped and ride the play. Hey, maybe you’ll strike it rich.

Most traders don’t recommend you buy penny stocks.They will agree with the chance for a big score but they don’t like the reasons that penny stocks move. Also, they have more cash to play and trade the major markets and have no need to play the penny stock market. I wouldn’t play the penny stocks if I came from that background either. Its the traders who came from no where and new nothing that trade penny stocks. They either lose their shirt and quit, or make money. I know penny stock traders that make their living this way and I know others who buy quiet stocks at their bottoms and wait for the push, they check the market and screen penny stocks often for supplemental income.

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