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    Tetris High Scores
Description: Build solid lines to clear and get points. Clear 4 rows at the same time and you've just Tetris'd!
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achieved in the game Tetris the best score of all times
Highscore: 665217
# Username Score Comment Time time played
1 Danny12345 665217 retired...could\'ve gotten a lot higher..stupid mistake 01-14-07 12:57 00:38
2 Certs_man 96235 I did not realize the top was 600+ THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will stop trying 04-10-07 9:53 15:24
3 Caroline 52829 Im getting carpal tunnel trying to keep up with you guys 03-03-07 12:19 00:58
4 bb money 39856 my hand is tired!!!! 01-13-07 15:45 08:39
5 Dacul 34933 ahhhhh, terrible 03-27-07 14:37 10:42
6 greenman 31676 01-23-07 23:08 06:09
7 Marketprincess0410 24494 that sucked 06-07-07 16:10 30:09
8 lick 20619 01-29-07 20:26 08:50
9 bilgert 19966 In your face Carooooolinnnnnnnne 01-06-07 19:49 07:24
10 beatthebear101 19185 06-14-07 13:30 00:52

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