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Smile Ten Signs Your Boss is Running a Ponzi Scheme !

10 - When your boss' office confidante commits suicide, no matter what your boss says...

9 - When your boss comes back from lunch stoned...

8 - When your firm's Legal Counsel asks you if you want to buy a classified file...

7 - When your boss' telephone calls are mysteriously all forwarding to you...

6 - When salesmen start returning your inquiries concerning life insurance...

5 - When you see your boss signing corporate checks off to the hot dog vendor...

4 - When you notice your boss putting five differently colored passports into his briefcase...

3 - When you find your boss sleeping under your desk in the morning...

2 - When your boss opens a new "informal" office in a bathroom stall, and asks you to call him if you see a group of dark-suited men enter the building...

1 - When your boss is Bernie Madoff...
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