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Penny Stock List to Watch for Week of Feb 1st.

January 31st, 2010

List of penny stock runners that may continue to break out:

BIGW .30
BKTK .30
MDLH .27
PFIE .33
STTN .44
VSRV .38

List of penny stocks at their bottoms or close.

CGYV .59
LBAS .30 High Priorty ****Looks Ready to POP****
MCBN .35
PLGC .20
SPLM .21
VSMR .25

List of Penny Stocks with various bullish moves.

CABN .12

I also like MFGD at .27 here. This is a scan watch list, these are the quiet plays, not the ones being pumped all over the penny stock forums, and thats why you haven’t heard of most of them.

Sorry our watch list was not out last week. At times life gets in the way.

Our best watch list hits 2 weeks back: MMEX popped for a quick 50%. PBME at .33 is now .51

I Buy Penny Stocks

January 28th, 2010

I Buy Penny Stocks?

Hey, Penny stocks have enormous potential. These possible rewards are huge. At times in the market, penny stocks can be the best performers. Not everyone loves penny stocks but I do. The ability to risk a little money and gain a lot is the reason traders buy penny stocks.

The SEC has talked about penny stocks and here’s what they had to say: “Investors in penny stocks should be prepared for the possibility that they may lose their whole investment.” When you read the rest of the SEC’s thoughts on penny stocks, basically they state if you buy penny stocks you will lose money.

Why do I buy penny stocks, why do I love them? Penny stocks are filled with pushes and pumps, mafia, and news how can you not find that fun! Learn to not buy late, know what’s going to run or be pumped and ride the play. Hey, maybe you’ll strike it rich.

Most traders don’t recommend you buy penny stocks.They will agree with the chance for a big score but they don’t like the reasons that penny stocks move. Also, they have more cash to play and trade the major markets and have no need to play the penny stock market. I wouldn’t play the penny stocks if I came from that background either. Its the traders who came from no where and new nothing that trade penny stocks. They either lose their shirt and quit, or make money. I know penny stock traders that make their living this way and I know others who buy quiet stocks at their bottoms and wait for the push, they check the market and screen penny stocks often for supplemental income.

List of Top 10 Reasons to Buy Penny Stocks

January 23rd, 2010

I know you’ve just been dying for 10 good reasons to buy penny stocks, so here they are!

10. Easy way to get rich.

9. More fun than scratch tickets.

8. Scams, Scams, Scams.

7. Donating to the Mafia is a tax write off.

6. Your wallet was too fat anyways.

5. Saving for your kids tuition.

4. We all love T + A, whoops, that means Technical Analysis now.

3. Did I mention Scams?

2. Makes the Retirement Account Fun!

And the Number one reason to buy penny stocks is:

1. There is nothing like a good PUMP and DUMP!

Enjoy the weekend. The weekly list of penny stocks that could have some action will be out tomorrow If I don’t get to caught up in football.

Our Hot Penny Stocks pick from Thursday: KATX

January 21st, 2010

KATX was out of control today this hot penny stocks pick from Thursday is now at .079 we called this in the .03 range. What a beautiful run.

Keep watching our for our Penny stocks list that try to predict the movers and shakersof the next week.

Penny Stocks List of Favorite Forums

January 21st, 2010

Obviously us: we strive to be a place where one can ask questions about a stock and find answers that are reliable, we welcome new traders and professionals, we even like stock profiles. We don’t like constant pumping of any stock for now reason and the same goes for bashing. We are a quiet board and love it that way. A lot of traders come for a quick peek of what we’re working on.

Investors Hub: i’d have to say this is a large and informative forum with boards ranging from what stocks are moving to individual stocks. Its very easy to navigate. Here, you must beware of the paid pumpers. The head moderator was just arrested on scamming the websites members through elaborate pump and dump schemes. This tactic involved multiple aliases, a promoter being able to purchase a stocks thread and run it, banning any bashing etc… Good Site but be careful.

This is a short penny stocks list of forums but you really don’t need much more. A lot of the traders will travel between the two and visit elsewhere as well.

Penny Stocks List of Potential Movers for January 19

January 18th, 2010

Penny stocks list are for your watch list, they’re broke down into sections on why they may run this week. 52 week highs, 52 week lows, bullish signals and quiet plays.

At 52 week lows:

CGYV . 76
LBAS .40
MMEX .43
PBME .33
SPLM .51

52 week Highs:

BKPG .74
ECDC .70
EQPI .25
ESPH .72
EVTN .50
GLOW .73
FEEC .71
ISPI .40
NXWI .62

Crossovers of different TA: Bullish

AEBF .26
ZLUS .006
MFGD .40

Also keep an eye on CORX had a nice pop friday, has been holding support at .10 careful though lots of resistance above. Obviously keep an eye on our Thursday call of KATX

Penny Stock Investing

January 16th, 2010

Penny Stock Investing is our latest article. Here we focus on what are the keys to investing in penny stocks. The focus is on what each trader should look for when buying these low priced otcbb stocks, especially if they are recommended “hot penny stock picks”. If you want to buy penny stocks for the first time, or you’ve been trading them for years, you will find this article helpful.

Hot Penny Stock KATX day later update.

January 15th, 2010

We have to congratulate ourselves on that call. It won’t happen every time, and probably not even most of the time. We nailed the call shortly after yesterdays news.

KATX got a small pop on the news and we put out our blog to our readers because we felt today had a good chance of being the big move we’ve been waiting for. We told you our reasons why and let you decide. We called the end of the day run yesterday and this morning the stock opened with huge volume and a nice jump up and an intraday high of .063. Not a 100% gain but close. Those who play penny stocks correctly would’ve bought it while it was on the 50dma. But we’ll talk Technical Analysis another time.

It has since pulled back but is still in the mid .05′s Fridays are slow so we don’t see it getting back to the high today but we’ll be on it all of next week. This one really does move fast and strong.

Hope you made money on this call. There was absolutely zero people who read this that could have lost even a cent and thats why we made this our Hot Penny Stock Pick.

We will randomly call Hot Penny Stock Picks when all the analysis lines up in our favor. If your looking for our penny stock watch lists or other stocks we like they’re on the forum.

KATX Hot Penny Stocks

January 14th, 2010

KATX has had a couple nice runs recently and it could be ready to go again today after some mid day news.

After a run from .0015 to .007 It setled then made another run a week later to .04. On a pullback from that high it settled on the 50 dma and held in that position very well. During that time we had some news but nothing seemed to move it.

KATX looks to be breaking out of this sideways pattern today. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Expect a nice afternoon run as daytraders come back from lunch and notice the volume and movement in pps.

Here is a quick chart (hopefully we can have the chart here shortly)

KATX Thread in penny stocks forum

Old KATX Thread during the big run. Quiet thread :)

KAT Exploration Inc.
is an exploration company based in Mount Pearl Newfoundland and was incorporated in December 02, 2005. The company has a variety of mineral properties consisting of Gold, Copper and Silver.

The company’s main focus has been on Sediment-Hosted Stratiform Copper Deposits in the eastern portion of the province. Although copper is one of our main focuses, the company has a great interest in gold properties in and around the central area of the province. One of these is the Handcamp property area that has thus far provided high grade gold numbers as high as 158 g/t. With the discovery of Rare Earth Elements(REE) on our 100% owned “Rusty Ridge” property, the company will expand it’s focus in this area as well.With the dramatic rise in gold, copper and silver, the company feels that its focus is in the right areas and will proceed to bring its properties to their full potential.

Trading Penny Stocks

January 13th, 2010

If you found our article, your wondering who trades penny stocks and why should I become involved with trading penny stocks. I am here to tell you trading penny stocks is work. You want to walk in and trade penny stocks and make piles of cash in the beginning, then your crazy. It just won’t happen. Ask anyone who trades wall street, their response will be to stay away from penny stocks at every turn but, most people who walk into wall street lose their money as well. We all just watched the Obama election market crash didn’t we (not being partisan but as it became clear that it was either Obama or McCain) how did the market do then. Day traders as well as institutional traders lost their account balances. Even Harvard University managed to take a major % beating.

If you trade penny stocks, you can take these beatings daily. Or you can learn to beat the market. The traders I just spoke of were able to hold on to their money and make small percentage gains for years or lose those percentage gains for years. But when push came to shove they lost their shirts.

When trading penny stocks don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Expect to lose it all. That doesn’t mean not to fight for it, but know your enemy. For more detailed information read trading penny stocks.