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Big Gain on our BP Pick!!!

July 29th, 2010

Almost 50%

As you can recall we picked BP in the 27.50 range and currently is in the 37.00 range. Hey we don’t make picks often but go back through this blog and find one that was wrong. You can’t ;) . Don’t get me wrong. We will make a mistake sooner or later and we’re still riding the downside of our sell the market call at 11,100 BP was our first buy issue during this downturn.

I’m away in Greece right now and here’s the link to my pick of BP

Here’s the sell the market call

Enjoy your summer.

BUY BP- Yes That Oil Spill Company

July 2nd, 2010


Because its beat up! Beat up more than it should. Its trading right now between 27.5 and 29.00 This is a nice point to get in, the bad news is out, the bad press is still going to be bad but we are counter trend traders as with Toyota after the bad brake issue the stock moved up.

With BP in this range I wouldn’t be shocked if you see a 50% gainer.

Have I ever steered you wrong, from Toyota, to short the market at 11100 to KATX we’ve been killing the picks. They are few and far between but we only want winners.

Good Luck.