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Buying The Dips

September 26th, 2011

Buying the dips is a strategy used to purchase the stock you want at a better or cheaper price. When you find a stock you like you should begin to follow and chart the stock. Nothing moves straight up and even if your stock is moving upwards it will have a couple days of down prices before continuing its trend upward. Perfect timing when “buying the dips” would be to catch the stock on a pullback to a recent support area and then pick up the stock. You will be at an area of support and hopefully the support will hold and bring the price higher, in this case you will immediately have a green trade. Some traders use the buy the dip strategy to increase their position in a stock as well. Day traders will use this strategy for intraday trades where they look to pick up a gain by scalping. Read more about Buying the Dips

Stock Pick: NOK

June 7th, 2011

Two weeks and two stock picks. Very unlike us, especially after a few months with nothing we loved in the market.

Last weeks Stock Pick ELTP picked at .12-.13 hit .18 yesterday (up 50%) and we’re hoping for much higher gains. There was about a 2 day window to get in at our entry price. These are not pumped or hyped stock picks.

Today’s stock pick: NOK closed at 6.60 yesterday and we like it here in the 6.50 range. The stock is down almost 50% since February. This was once a huge company and still is rather large, we feel that after a ton of misses NOK will be on the upswing. Currently hard value price per share is approximately 4.50. Has a nice dividend as well.

NOK closed at its lows of yesterday and with any luck it will gap down this morning for a nice entry point. Expect some sideways action after today before it begins the expected upswing. First resistance should be about 9.00, expect this after we begin to move up.

Again, around 6.5 looks like a good entry, we’re expecting a low open, how low we’re unsure of, If its anything drastic we’ll create another post discussing the entry.

As always, do what you feel is right and good luck!

Some older stock picks (we don’t pick often but when we do, we’ve done very well): SD gained over 300%
BANR did what we wanted, over 100% but then it split and the exact high point of gain is hard to extract, if someone wants to figure it out for us let me know.
BP This was picked in a range of about 28.00 and hit 49-50.

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    Stock Pick: ELTP

    May 24th, 2011

    ELTP off of the 50 DMA here. Entry about .12 or .13. We like our picks to have a good shot at a 100% gain and this one has a strong possibility of hitting the recent .26 high which will give us the 100%. ELTP also has a solid chance at busting through the recent high of .26 after testing it. There is a lot going on with the company as far as their pharmaceutical production goes.

    This buy issue from .12/.13 today after a 2 day pullback from .19. This pullback was because some shares were added to the OS. You can read about it in today’s news.

    We’ve been very consistent with our past stock picks, and we never give out to much information. If you want to know more about the company. It’s easy enough to find.

    We’ll keep you posted on movement and changes. Good luck!

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      SD up 300% our pick at 4.00!!

      March 24th, 2011

      I hope your still watching and playing SD

      We picked it at 4.00 with the goal of 6.00 (SD original stock pick) exited on that 50% pick up. Some traders chose to continue to ride it, others sold 1/2 their shares to ride the rest with no risks. Now its hitting 12.00 thats a gain of 300% and everyone had a week or 2 to get in.

      No pumping and no dumping ;)

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        Where Are The Stock Picks

        February 18th, 2011

        The market right now is very high and in our opinion very overvalued. As our followers know we pick stocks undervalued and at their trading bottoms. On of our recent picks SD was at 4.00 its now fighting 10.00 ;)
        There are a couple of funds that meet our criteria for a buy but we don’t trade the funds very often as they tend to lack fluidity and at times, volume.

        We just wanted to say HI and that we haven’t stopped picking stock, we just have rules that we try not to break. Our goal is for traders to be able to see a 50% gain in their stock, we enjoy explaining that potential gain through charting and are very happy when our followers make money.

        We could pick some random penny stock every week and pump it up and say it gained 1,000′s of percent, but we don’t do that and its illegal. We even pulled off a 50% gain off of BP in a short amount of time.

        We make our picks when the time is right, and the time is not right at the moment.

        I’ll keep looking.

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        Ourt SD pick takes out 100%

        February 3rd, 2011

        NIce, now granted we bought at 4.00 and had a goal of 6.00. I exited and never looked back, some of you continued to trade it on dips as you got a feel for the stock. Its now busting 8.00. The best part was that we never were at a risk of losing money. Here’s the original: SD Stock Pick

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          February 3rd, 2011

          Our BANR swing pick is now holding over 2.5 and when as high as 2.65
          This was our pick back when it was 1.75 read here: BANR Stock Pick

          We haven’t made a pick since BANR hopefully you’ve all taken profit here or are planning on it, this is one of the picks we weren’t sure about 100% gain on and said so in our pick

          Hopefully we’ll have another pick out soon. The hunt is always on for the next safe 100% gainer.

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          Our BANR stock pick finally rockets upward!

          December 23rd, 2010

          You have to check it out. Closed at the high of the day. We picked BANR at 1.75. We bought it near the low although you could have saved a dime or 2. As you look at the chart, we picked BANR at the bottom but instead of running it bounced around between support and resistance and finally popped. Took a few weeks but we were never down more than a dime or 2 nice safe play ;) lets see if we get that 50% gainer we always strive for in our stock picks, Closed at the high but we have the holiday looming.

          Good Luck

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            Day Trading Strategies

            December 17th, 2010

            Day Trading Strategies

            Day trading is the term used for purchasing and selling a stock in the same day. A day trader is someone who profits on the stock market by employing day trading strategies. Often day traders will use “margin”. “Margin” is the borrowing of capital through the traders brokerage which enables the trader to purchase more shares than they could have if they only used the amount of money in their account. Often these trades are very short, the trader will buy a very liquid stock and sell on a small price move. Here are some strategies to use if you plan on day trading for a living. Read the rest of DAY TRADING STRATEGIES here

            Stock Pick BANR moving off bottom NOW!

            November 2nd, 2010

            WE called BANR a week or two back click here to read the original pick. BANR STOCK PICK

            We called it a bit early and since then it dropped about .10, BANR has regained that .10 and more in just todays trading. Hopefully this is the start of our move higher!

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