Stock Pick: ELTP

May 24th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

ELTP off of the 50 DMA here. Entry about .12 or .13. We like our picks to have a good shot at a 100% gain and this one has a strong possibility of hitting the recent .26 high which will give us the 100%. ELTP also has a solid chance at busting through the recent high of .26 after testing it. There is a lot going on with the company as far as their pharmaceutical production goes.

This buy issue from .12/.13 today after a 2 day pullback from .19. This pullback was because some shares were added to the OS. You can read about it in today’s news.

We’ve been very consistent with our past stock picks, and we never give out to much information. If you want to know more about the company. It’s easy enough to find.

We’ll keep you posted on movement and changes. Good luck!

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    1. CJL says:

      I like ELTP; and I thing 26 Cents is a good ceiling price; and under 10.75 Cents as an entry price;

      Per Recent Financials @ 17 Cents;

      3 & 9 Mos Combined : +$9M;[Derivative Adj’s], Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric(s) per Income Statement, (10.75) ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 3.404 ,Combined; Weight Adj Trade Metric, (0.26) , for +7.65M Market Cap, for +0.072 on adjusted level price of 10.5 Cents;
      [x]Own Shares;

      IMTL; Under 4.26 Cents;

      Image Technology Laboratories Inc. (IMTL)

      Last: .0625; Market Cap 952K; 0.00, (0.00%), Volume: 10K, 11:17 AM

      2008:12.36_66_16 Cents;

      Per Last Reported Equity in 2008(343,503K); Sales:800K;Last Reported Profit Margin(12.61%);
      Subsequently filed SEC Form 15-12 to suspend reporting requirements; and with the addition of the following criteria:

      ***PROForma: If the company were to commence reporting; by reporting a Net Loss of 1.761M; what would the Company look Like???

      @ 6 Cents;

      Report Category, Report, Price, , Metric, , Weight, , Primary Weight Adj Trading Metric, ,Year / Desig, Weight Adj Price.

      20. Accumulated Deficit: (4.3M), Last Reported 2008; 0.06 , (0.21) , 3.46 , (0.74) , Price 1, 0.032

      21.Report a Net Loss of 1.761M: (1.761M), PROForma (1.761M): 0.06 , (0.52) , 0.72 , (0.37) ,Price2, 0.043

      22. Paid in Equity [3.8M], Last Reported 2008; 0.06 , 0.24 , 0.90 , 0.22 ,Price3, 0.054

      23. Other Equity [+20K], Last Reported 2008; 0.06 , 61 , 1.05 , 64 ,Price4, 0.063

      24. Common Stock Amount [+152K] Last Reported 2008; 0.06 , 6 , 0.35 , 2.10 ,Price5, (0.021)

      Sum Trading At: ,Primary Metric per Last Equity, & (1.761M): -($2) M, 66.4216 ,Metric Weighted per Price Range / Change, 6.49 ,Combined Weight Adj Trade Metric, 65.349 ,for +$0.26M Market Cap, for, +0.01736 on adjusted level price of .0426_4; +29%; Pricey, but effective per downside;



      For Quote Enter IMTL & Get Info: @ OTCBB.COM;

      Do not own Shares; Review the Company;

    2. admin says:

      10.75 is a nice price, its a little below the 50 dma and the 50% pullback from .26 would be .13. so TA wise the .12/.13 are solid. At your lower price I would have to hesitate on a buy because the stock would be under the 50 signaling at least a minimal breakdown, leading me to watch what happens next.

      Great little stock but I don’t thing the ceiling is .26, have a feeling it could run to .75 or so but that is NOT a prediction. Trade it properly but it has all the potential of a takeover candidate as well. Lots of good things here.

    3. admin says:

      A few days after the .12/13 pick we hit .18 for 50% but it would’ve been very tough to exit for a 50% gainer. Closed at .16 Friday and looks very strong. Good luck nesxt week to all the longs.

    4. Nick says:

      How will this affect ELTP:

      Seems their entire revenue is at stake. Can there other products make up for the loss fast enough?

    5. admin says:

      Hi Nick,

      The link you posted was from March. So it should be figured into the price already, it was nothing new when we made the pick. Today they posted that they will have a CC next week. ELTP went from our pick at .12/.13 all the way to .18 in a few days, it closed at .18 again today, that’s a 50% gain for those that were able to get in at .12 and there was a few days where that price was available after we picked it. I noticed a change in the Level II yesterday where the buyers seemed to be re-entering the bidding heavier which started driving the price back up. I’m not going to predict what the conference call will say but someone seems to be predicting an up move with all the buying. Or, they’ve been reading this little blog :)

      NICK: sorry so late on responding to your comment, I missed it in my queue. Good luck with your position if you have one.

    6. admin says:

      hitting .21 yesterday and news today.
      News posted here: ELTP Forum

    7. admin says:

      been falling back since .21, bought more here off of .09 at .093. Good Luck.