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Stock Market Today

December 12th, 2011

The stock market today is a market in complete turmoil. We’ve had the Bush/Obama crash and subsequent bounces from those low points. Yes, I repeat, bounces. The stock market today is not in an uptrend due to some great political work from President Obama or anyone else. The recent rise up over the last few years was nothing more than a “dead cat bounce”. This bounce created a feeling of recovery for a small few who either are politically motivated or have no clue what they are talking about.

Today’s stock market is looking for direction. It will most likely trade back and forth like this for some time. Business and the market in general will be gearing up for the next election. At this point they will be able to gauge which way the politics will lead and therefore they can react and put their companies on the best course to succeed. There are companies at the moment with the current political environment that will not attempt to grow their business or hire extra people. This is not something I would agree with necessarily but it is a fact that companies are waiting until there is a more favorable corporate climate in the air.