Stock Pick: NOK

June 7th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

Two weeks and two stock picks. Very unlike us, especially after a few months with nothing we loved in the market.

Last weeks Stock Pick ELTP picked at .12-.13 hit .18 yesterday (up 50%) and we’re hoping for much higher gains. There was about a 2 day window to get in at our entry price. These are not pumped or hyped stock picks.

Today’s stock pick: NOK closed at 6.60 yesterday and we like it here in the 6.50 range. The stock is down almost 50% since February. This was once a huge company and still is rather large, we feel that after a ton of misses NOK will be on the upswing. Currently hard value price per share is approximately 4.50. Has a nice dividend as well.

NOK closed at its lows of yesterday and with any luck it will gap down this morning for a nice entry point. Expect some sideways action after today before it begins the expected upswing. First resistance should be about 9.00, expect this after we begin to move up.

Again, around 6.5 looks like a good entry, we’re expecting a low open, how low we’re unsure of, If its anything drastic we’ll create another post discussing the entry.

As always, do what you feel is right and good luck!

Some older stock picks (we don’t pick often but when we do, we’ve done very well): SD gained over 300%
BANR did what we wanted, over 100% but then it split and the exact high point of gain is hard to extract, if someone wants to figure it out for us let me know.
BP This was picked in a range of about 28.00 and hit 49-50.

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    1. admin says:

      No gap down this am, which was a slight worry. At low of day 6.53 right now. Yearly low was recently made of 6.3+. This is the buying range we like. good luck.

    2. admin says:

      Now where at 6.00 after a decent start yesterday. So that puts us down a few% points from our entry.

      Taking a little longer than we wanted to turn. A gap down today after a gap up yesterday. Still expecting the turn and with the value don’t see why we’re dropping other than the market in general is dropping. Watched a 2 million share buy roll thru this am. I’m guessing big money will be buying with us down here.

      If your not in now. I’d be buying here off of 6.00. Not the time to sell if you bought earlier entry.

    3. admin says:

      Dropped down to 5.3 today. I had a buy in for 5.5 and picked some up there, now I’m averaged out just around 6.00.
      Not sure why this keeps dropping, all the news out is already known, and the estimated cash value of the company is basically the share price. Sometimes things do take longer than expected to turn around but we shall see.

      If your in, i’m not recommending adding, its just what I did and thought I would keep you all abreast.