A Beginners Guide to Buying Gold Versus Silver

March 4th, 2011 by admin Leave a reply »

With the continuous gains being made by gold and silver in the stock market, they have become highly popular investing vehicles. Some reasons for these recent gains are the low dollar and a grotesque national debt. Gold is all over the radio and television with everyone telling you they will buy your gold and silver. There are also many ads for various ways to invest in precious metals.

With Gold being as high priced as it is, many investors in the know begin investing in silver. Investing in silver allows one to buy many different silver coins for the same price as one gold coin. Which silver coins should you buy? Look at purchasing rolls Morgan Silver Dollars or Silver American Eagles. You can also find various forms of silver bars when you begin buying. Look for whats real silver and in your price range.

If you have the money, then gold is also a great investment. It has a greater prestige than silver does and if your investing a lot of money you’ll have less gold to take care of. This may make more sense than owning so much silver as you will have to find a storage place for that much silver. You could always bury it in your yard. Gold doesn’t tarnish like silver, you will end up polishing silver at some point while you own it. If your someone who’ll make a mess of your silver collection then you might also have trouble keeping track of a smaller collection of gold.

Shopping for silver can be fun as well as an investment. There are a wide variety of silver dealers who sell a plethora of silver products. You could buy rolls of silver coins as mentioned before or you could buy various silver objects such as statues and silverware. This type of collection could be displayed and shown off to your friends as well.

You can use gold or silver as money. This would make the coins more practical than the other silver products mentioned previously. During a national emergency they could be very helpful. Using gold and silver coins would help you barter for products. Up until fifty years ago, American coins were made out of silver and you can still find some in circulation mixed in with other coins. Some people buy and hold gold and silver coins in case the economy and the dollar collapse, then they will still have a way of obtaining goods.

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  1. james moylan says:

    I have a web site where I research stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. I think silver looks like a better buy here than gold.

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