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Building Funds Through Investing

April 7th, 2011

If you are like many Americans you are struggling to find extra income to pay off
debt. Perhaps, you have tried credit card debt
only to find yourself either still in debt or back in debt. Trying to
conquer debt is a vicious never ending cycle. However, it may be time to try
investing, if you have the funds to do so. Click Here for more Building Funds Through Investing

Merger and Acquisition Trading Strategies

March 23rd, 2011

Merger and Acquisition (M+A) is when you trade the stock of a company based on a future event. This event will be a merger or acquisition. When these events are announced as a “deal” it usually is based on a “target price” for the company. There tends to be a gap between the current price and the target price and this is a spread that can be traded through arbitrage trading. There are many risks involved in arbitrage trading and you must understand them to trade safely. (click here for other day trading strategies). Click Here for More on the Acquisition and Merger Article

A Beginners Guide to Buying Gold Versus Silver

March 4th, 2011

With the continuous gains being made by gold and silver in the stock market, they have become highly popular investing vehicles. Some reasons for these recent gains are the low dollar and a grotesque national debt. Gold is all over the radio and television with everyone telling you they will buy your gold and silver. There are also many ads for various ways to invest in precious metals. Read more about Gold and Silver Click Here

Where Are The Stock Picks

February 18th, 2011

The market right now is very high and in our opinion very overvalued. As our followers know we pick stocks undervalued and at their trading bottoms. On of our recent picks SD was at 4.00 its now fighting 10.00 ;)
There are a couple of funds that meet our criteria for a buy but we don’t trade the funds very often as they tend to lack fluidity and at times, volume.

We just wanted to say HI and that we haven’t stopped picking stock, we just have rules that we try not to break. Our goal is for traders to be able to see a 50% gain in their stock, we enjoy explaining that potential gain through charting and are very happy when our followers make money.

We could pick some random penny stock every week and pump it up and say it gained 1,000′s of percent, but we don’t do that and its illegal. We even pulled off a 50% gain off of BP in a short amount of time.

We make our picks when the time is right, and the time is not right at the moment.

I’ll keep looking.

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Trading Versus Investing

February 15th, 2011

Trading versus Investing

    People have been investing since the beginning of time. When one is investing, the “investor” supplies cash (capital) to help a business. The business in turn gives the investor an ownership stake in the business. When we’re talking stock and companies, this investment results in the investor receiving shares of the company. When one invests in a company they are expecting the company to grow well and prosperous resulting in the investor making a profit on their investment. Click Here for More Trading Versus Investing

Ourt SD pick takes out 100%

February 3rd, 2011

NIce, now granted we bought at 4.00 and had a goal of 6.00. I exited and never looked back, some of you continued to trade it on dips as you got a feel for the stock. Its now busting 8.00. The best part was that we never were at a risk of losing money. Here’s the original: SD Stock Pick

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    February 3rd, 2011

    Our BANR swing pick is now holding over 2.5 and when as high as 2.65
    This was our pick back when it was 1.75 read here: BANR Stock Pick

    We haven’t made a pick since BANR hopefully you’ve all taken profit here or are planning on it, this is one of the picks we weren’t sure about 100% gain on and said so in our pick

    Hopefully we’ll have another pick out soon. The hunt is always on for the next safe 100% gainer.

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    Trading Stocks in a Hot Stock Market

    January 19th, 2011

    The stock market is usually hot when its running up but its hot even when its going down. The market usually runs on trends and a strong down trend is a hot stock market to trade in as much as a market that makes higher highs daily is also hot. This is important as a lot of traders refuse to short stocks or buy puts. If the stock market is heading down quickly this is a great opportunity to trade short. The confusion ensues when the media is stating what an awful stock market this is and it is to some people. You will even find these people in a stock market forum. They will be yelling how the market will go back up soon and failing to make money as stock prices drop. Read more about Hot Stock Market Here

    Swing Trading For A Living

    January 11th, 2011

    There is a large learning curve when you begin stock trading. Whether you are trying to learn how to day trade for a living or swing trade for a living. There are a lot of ups and downs and ebb and flow within the stock market on a daily, weekly and intraday time frame. You must get a feel for the market and the flows of whatever time frame you decide to trade. In this article we will focus on swing trading and swing trading strategies. Click Here For More Swing Trading Strategies

    Day Trading Strategies

    December 17th, 2010

    Day Trading Strategies

    Day trading is the term used for purchasing and selling a stock in the same day. A day trader is someone who profits on the stock market by employing day trading strategies. Often day traders will use “margin”. “Margin” is the borrowing of capital through the traders brokerage which enables the trader to purchase more shares than they could have if they only used the amount of money in their account. Often these trades are very short, the trader will buy a very liquid stock and sell on a small price move. Here are some strategies to use if you plan on day trading for a living. Read the rest of DAY TRADING STRATEGIES here